The vision of Warwick Baptist Community Centre family is to become a people

Empowered by God Impacting our Community

Today we step through an open door, to receive all that God has for us!

Vision Casting
It is our belief that any vision for any church must be: Measurable; Attainable; Prophetic
It must reveal a M.A.P. and a picture of a pathway to a better tomorrow.

Transition - Reflection
We've seen a church that is tired, spiritually flat & looking for direction. While all the while, change has taken place. All along, hope has been present, despite transitioning being difficult, because God has been gracious in showing us the changes that have needed to be made to realize the dream of what He is calling us to become. Especially, as we seek to fulfill our growing commitment to the great commandment and the great commission.

Vision Statement

So as we stand here today we want to share with what we believe is God's vision for us as we move into our future with Him! It is that we will become a people Empowered by God (EBG) Impacting our Community (IOC). It's as much a statement as a slogan, because it represents and guides us to the essence of what God is calling us to become.

For if we never become EBG through His grace we will never IOC.

As we become a church EBG we will not only IOC, but also everyone who passes through and goes out of it. So, as we become a church EBG we will see a great commitment to the great commandment. Along with this, we will see even more, ourselves becoming a church that will increasingly IOC by having a great commitment to the great commission.

It is a statement that is Measurable, Attainable & Prophetic as it reveals a picture of a pathway to a future where God is our guide, faith is our path, and His Word is our light & His Spirit our enabler.

Prophetic Statement
So what is it we may expect to see along this path? We see a :

Path- where the Lord orders our steps, where there is protection from the enemy, and the joyous sound of freedom & worship.

Mountains - with leadership and home group leaders standing on the top, half way up & at the base encouraging people to find healing, wholeness, pastoral care, prayer, and the Spirit's enabling as they to ascend the hill of the Lord & become spiritual parents and see what it is the Lord has in store for them on even higher peaks.

Trees - where like the saints of old, our elderly are valued and contribute (not consume) to give guidance, shelter & the encouragement wisdom to all who come their way. We see gardens in their shadows

Gardens - which are tended by loving, nurturing & passionate hands of men & women involved in children's and youth ministry to see our young people, come to Jesus, grow in their understanding of God, their holy character & their spiritual gifts. Where they can be sent out as future leaders & wherever they go they will continue on the path. Near the path we see a stream.

Stream - [A stream] that cannot be crossed, except via the bridge of our Saviour. Yet where we drink deeply from and find our strength. As we look to become a church not of renewal or revival but a church of reformation where God knocks down our walls and we live as temples of the Holy Spirit in our marketplace. Where we develop, train & equip home groups in our church and house churches in communities like Allora, Killarney & Clifton & Inglewood to become nurseries of spiritual growth and evangelism. As a result we see:

Valley's - that we may think are obstacles to our future, but they are really opportunities to the future. Because the higher you want to go, the deeper the foundation must become to support it. It's in these valley's that there are lost people.

People - We see many people of differing race & colour with dark eyes, finding hope and joining us to be bright lights to others as we embrace a global perspective of what mission is. We see:

Radiance & Clouds - to remind us of God's presence and comfort, to enjoy what God has given us, but to also see us respond innovatively by giving back to God what He has given us (particularly in the area of finances) and seeing Him multiply it, as people see the place of the path, the view from the mountains, the impact of dirt under our nails in the garden and the life that comes from drinking deeply from the stream.

Church - We see a church that overlooks its city and its city can look to this church (along with the others) where many people not only find hope, but they find Jesus. We believe our church will relocate, but as to where and when? That will depend on faith yes! But also on our obedience, because you cannot enter a land of promise without it, otherwise it happens in our strength and not God's.

You - We see you! You are the people! You are God's instruments of righteousness, together our vision of the future must be protected, proclaimed & prayed for, as we become a people "Empowered by God, Impacting our Community."

We believe this is a vision that gives us a MAP that is Measurable, Attainable & Prophetic. A vision, like a diamond is multi faceted for a reason - it takes all facets to show the beauty of God's promise to us, and the pathway to receiving them as the bride of Christ. As Warwick Baptist Church, the reward from our Saviour will be in full when He says to us, "Well done, you have not only stepped through the door, but you have entered into the room of all that I had for you as Warwick Baptist Church."